Gig Performer 4.0.52 available for download

We just release a minor maintenance update for Gig Performer 4.0. This update includes bug fixes only and is recommended for all GP4 users.

Here’s what’s new:

Version 4.0.52

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed bug where 1/4 time would play the metronome accent only once.
  • Fixed a bug where we could get double beat callbacks and clicks if user is syncing with an external MIDI clock.
  • Fixed bug where GP could lock up when switching to a different rackspace while the tuner is displayed.
  • ChordPro: Fixed bug where a {songpartname } as the very first item would crash GP.
  • ChordPro: Fixed bug where bass note of ChordPro didn’t get transposed.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.


IMPORTANT: If you have the Plugin Alliance Edition of Gig Performer or the unlocked Plugin Alliance Edition please contact the Plugin Alliance for their GP4 release schedule.