Gig Performer 3.5 is now available on OS X and MS Windows

Gig Performer 3.5 has been released by the development team and we encourage everyone to update to this version as soon as possible, unless of course you are on tour, in which case you should wait until you get back!

There are some new features and also some very important updates and fixes that are really worthwhile.

If you were not prompted to automatically update Gig Performer, you can down the latest version from the main Gig Performer website. Although probably unnecessary, we encourage everyone to make backups of their existing gigfiles.

Updated online documentation is available here.

New features and updates

  • Panel widget with controllable color, transparency etc…
  • Added ability to change the z-order of widgets
  • Startup master trim value can now be controlled from the options
  • Significant improvements to GIG file loading times and size on disk, particularly on Windows
  • Added a thin line around popup menus for better visibility
  • OSC: /SelectSongPart is now deprecated. Please use /Song/SwitchToPart to switch to a song part.
  • Better handling of touch/pen devices
  • Switching to previous part from a first part of a song now goes to the last part of the previous song
  • Added scripting functions to switch song parts and move up/down through song parts
  • Various internal improvements to improve stability and efficiency of our DSP engine
  • Improved global metering process for better accuracy and efficiency
  • Finding plugin substitutions/updated versions is improved greatly


  • Fixed some string handling issues in GP Script
  • “Recall on load” and “Recall on activate” options have been greatly improved
  • Fixed problem where the global play button would reset its state after entering the edit mode.
  • Fixed bug where a changed BPM was not being sent out via OSC.
  • Changing Global Transpose quickly no longer reactivates the current rackspace
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a block used in GPScript could crash GP afterwards.
  • Fixed a problem where trying to save a Lyrics/Chords file without having a song could crash GP
  • Various minor fixes and improvements.

Is it save to do so before my gig tonight

I wouldn’t, but not for the reasons you might think.

See this article for my thoughts on when one should (or should not) update any software!

Hi, I’ve been having problems updating… In GP, when I check my updates, GP finds the new update, then downloads it, but when it comes to installing it, a windows appears: “Something went wrong”. And this is goin’ on for a few hours. Am I the only one having issues?

Are you on Mac or Windows? Please see this KB article.

I’m on Mac, I’ve read the article and now I’m on GP 3.5, thank you :grin:

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So downloading/installing worked? Or did you do the file permission trick?

Glad to be back in the swing o’ things…can’t wait to d/l the new 3.5!

Thanks again. Youze Guyz’re the Best!!! :-:grin:


Yes, the first method worked fine