Gig Performer 3.1.7. now available


We’re happy to announce the public release of Gig Performer 3.1.7 for OS X and Windows. Please visit our downloads page to get the new update.

New in this release:

  • Songs can now be exported/imported to/from a stand-alone .gpsong file which includes all rackspaces and song parts. Drag-drop onto the song list is also supported for import.
  • Entire setlist can now export all songs as separate .gpsong files
  • You can now create a brand new gig that contains all songs and only the required rackspaces for a single setlist
  • SongParts can now send midi data directly out to an attached MIDI device
  • Added OSC support for switching to songs and song parts by name
  • Added crash reporter for Windows (allows users to submit crash reports to dev team)
  • Added ability to duplicate a song

Fixes and Improvements

  • Chord Pro root folder now created automatically if if doesn’t already exist
  • Fixed crash that sometimes occured when removing a panel
  • Fixed a problem where some VST3 plugins could be detuned on gig reload.
  • Fixed an issue where some VST3 plugins relied on time information rather than ppq
  • Lyrics/Chords (ChordPro) window can now be resized to a much smaller size
  • Fixed an issue where permanently deleting the last song from the setlist could crash GP
  • Fixed a rare issue that could produce an error on while exiting GP on Windows
  • Fixed issues where sometimes on multi, hi density, wrong values could be reported for screen size
  • Fixed crash happening when you right click on a block, leave the menu open and then click on another rackspace
  • Fixed problem where selecting multiple widgets from right to left would break operations like “closer” and “further”
  • Improved rackspace sorting time


  • Updated the GP Script templates
  • GP Script now supports hex integers (prefix with 0x)
  • Deprecated TimeNow function and added several new time-related functions
  • Added a time formatter function
  • Added function to create string from double and retaining complete precision
  • Enabled the OnTimer callback function - runs approx every 100ms - not intended for precision timing
  • We now support arrays of function generators
  • See GP System Function List

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