Gig Performer 2.5.2 released

Very pleased to announce the release of Gig Performer 2.5.2

We have a few nice improvements along with a slew of fixes for quite a few obscure issues discovered by our customers and beta testers.

Thanks to everyone for their ongoing support.

Visit to get the update for your platform.


  • The splashscreen can be dragged out of the way to expose an unexpected dialog in Windows
  • Increased the maximum audio tail length to 10 seconds
  • Added more options for associating/updating program changes with variations
  • Enhanced compatibility for some Thunderbolt audio interface under Windows
  • Added more support for plugins that take extraordinary long times to validate
  • Improved progress reporting while scanning
  • You can now use [rackspace] in a label widget and the label will display the current rackspace.
  • Rigmanager alises are now displayed as sorted in the drop-down list for associating aliases with a widget


  • Fixed bug where removing a block right after resetting the audio engine might result in a crash
  • Fixed problem where some Audio File Player properties were not being restored
  • Fixed problem where duplicating a block would duplicate the OSC/GPScript handle as well
  • Fixed bug to prevent extra spaces from being used in alias names
  • Fixed problem where “momentary” flag for global MIDI commands was being reset after applying a new Rig
  • Fixed problem where changing parameters directly in VSTs might not always update the associated widget
  • Fixed a problem where widgets didn’t update if you change a plugin preset
  • Fixed a problem where widgets could become unresponsive to incoming MIDI after an audio panic
  • Fixed a problem where absurdly tiny widgets could crash GP
  • OSC handling of the /Note message was broken

GP Script

  • Added a Playhead state callback (beat level only for now)
  • Added ScheduleMIDIEvent function which allows MIDI events scheduled into the future to be processed by the MidiInBlock when they trigger
  • The AutoSustainer object can now automatically leverage MidiIn plugin parameter settings
  • AutoSustainer now remembers what MIDI channel is being used and sends Stop messages using that channel
  • Added function to return the state of the modifier keys
  • Fixed a type error in the ParamToMidiEx function declaration
  • Boolean arrays are now supported
  • Improved the error message you get if a widget referenced in a script doesn’t actually exist in the rackspace
  • Arrays of MidiMessages are now supported