Gig Performer 2.0.15 released


Gig Performer v2.0.15 has been released and it contains some improvements and bug fixes.


  • Duplicating a block will now duplicate the plugin state, bus layout and name
<li>The plugin name is no longer appended automatically when you edit the caption</li>

<li>Added ternary operator (ALGOL style) - please visit our forums for more information</li>

<li>As usual, the latest list of system functions can be found at <a href="/downloads/GPScript/SystemFunctionList.html"></a></li>


  • Fixed issue where GP could crash after opening options and then changing the midi device associated with a block
<li>Fixed issue where I/O sliders would have wrong size/position if you reloaded a gig while GP was minimized</li>

<li>It is no longer possible to disable all audio output channels</li>

<li>The update manager has been fixed. That means that the NEXT time you see an update, the update manager should update properly regardless of your OS version</li>

<li>Corrected syntax mistake in example template for MidiEvent callback</li>