Gig Performer 1.5.2 Released

New features

  • Widgets now support Catch mode
  • Widget values can now be saved explicitly (snapshots) so that values can be reset to initial values when rackspace is reactivated



  • Created by the acclaimed author Howard Massey, a new Quick Start Guide and a new comprehensive User Guide are now available from our website.


  • Widget values are now floating point values instead of integers
  • Widget values can be entered as MIDI values by typing in 'm' at the end of the value, e.g., 127m
  • You can now snapshot widgets so that when you return to a rackspace, the widgets are set to the snapshotted values rather than just the last saved state.


  • You can now export all rackspaces as separate files in one go.
  • You can now drag rackspaces from a file folder into a GP document to create new shows on the fly
  • Holding SHIFT key while pressing LEARN in Global MIDI clears a specific assignment
  • We now use CMD-SHIFT-D rather than CMD-D to duplicate a rackspace
  • Holding the SHIFT key while dragging rackspaces prevents the dragged rackspace from being activated. (Very useful for adjusting setlist order when Predictive Loading is enabled)


  • Gig Performer now recognizes Lemur bundle messages
  • Added /GigPerformer/SwitchToProgramNumber
  • Added /AdjustBPM to change the BPM by positive or negative amount
  • When BPM is changed, /CurrentBPM value is sent out


  • Fix problem where widget in current rackspace might not respond to MIDI message while predictively loading rackspaces
  • Fix problem where deleting a widget in midi learn mode could crash GP
  • Fixed problem where moving a widget could reset the position of another one
  • Fix problem where a new gig could be saved without its extension and hence could not be reloaded
  • Fix crash with widget groups, variations and MIDI switching
  • Fixed problem where widget values could get "stuck" and display the value rather than widget caption.


New features

  • Predictive Loading. Click here for more details
  • Multi parameter widget control. Click here for more details
  • MIDI Monitor plugin for fine-grain monitoring


  • Scaling now works in either direction. In conjunction with widget groups, this lets you (for example) have one parameter increase while the other decreases. Think volume crossfades!


  • Updated Lemur Template. Click here for details and to download new template
  • Initial use of hyperlinks to provide more information about features


  • Midi Out block no longer sends out CC messages for all CC numbers during initial gig loading
  • Fixed problem where importing a rackspace could duplicate an existing Program Change value
  • Various minor enhancements and fixes