Gig Performer 0.9.6b Released for OS X and Windows

Well, we’re doing one more beta. A couple of little corner-case issues came up (thanks, beta testers, you know who you are) so we want to do one more round. But this also allowed us to throw in a couple of small features that otherwise would have to wait until post-release. Please test really carefully and let us know if you find any other issues. See the new release notes below

Release notes: 11/015/2016 Here is a brief list of improvements and enhancements to Gig Performer since the last beta.

  • MIDI Receiver parameters now return nice text values
  • Implemented plugin bypass as a parameter (so you can use a button on front panel to completely bypass a plugin)
  • Panels can now be replaced with larger or smaller ones
  • Widget inspector lets you open a plugin directly
  • Guitar tuner is less "jumpy"
  • Added drawbar widgets
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't set MIDI channel to 1 if MIDI In plugin was attached to a widget
  • Fixed problem where CC messages were not obeying the MIDI channel map (great catch!)