[Gig] OP-Z GP MIDI controller

Use Gig Performer as a MIDI controller for OP-Z hardware.

Rackspace widgets mapped:

  • OP-Z only sends MIDI CC while editor is not open
  • OP-Z MIDI config (shift+module track = shift+2OFF - shift+3ON

Starting point: each instrument in a single MIIDI channel 1 to 16
MIDI CC’s 1 to 16 (when available)
Each Layer of 4 knobs is Color coded; cycle thru using shiftkey (white-green-magenta-ambar)

about selection of Tracks:

  • kick/snare/hihat/perc/bass/lead/chord/arp and module have 4 layers
  • fx1/fx2/tape and lights have 2 layers
  • master only has 1 layer

Use case

  • As a MIDI controller - enable outgoing MIDI (**shift+module track then shift+3)
  • total of 200 MIDI CC’s spread over 16 MIDI ch/16 layers

Download: OP-GP.gig (5.5 MB)

Credits: @keyman