[Gig] Online Piano Lessons

In this gig file you can find the rackspace that Brett Pontecorvo uses when he is teaching his students piano online.

To check out Brett’s workflow and see why Gig Performer can also make the perfect teaching platform, watch the video below.

The Buttons by transpose are using GP script to adjust the knob. They respond to C0, D0, and C#0. This is so I can quickly adjust transpose during teaching without looking at GP.

Time Sig in the global also uses GP script to set the time signature. Adjusting the knobs also add and remove widgets to represent the correct amount of beats. It also moves the Bar Beat to a separate panel to make space.

Variations are mapped to C7, B6, A#6, and A6 for quick switching of the muting parameters.

Download: OnlinePianoLessons.gig (2.7 MB)

Credits: @BPontecorvo

Discussion thread: LINK