[Gig] Neural DSP Archetype: Plini, KUASSA and more

This gig file contains a combination of a great sounding amp simulation “Archetype: Plini” from Neural DSP and a WAH-effect from KUASSA in local rackspaces (for clean/crunch/lead).


The output from the local rackspaces goes to the Global rackspace which contains a drum plugin, the built-in audio file player and a microphone branch (with channel strip, EQ and denoiser).

This way you can play with different guitar sounds, coming from the local rackspaces, while the drums or the audio file (backing track) play along (from the Global rackspace). Therefore, this combination is ideal for exercising or training.

There is also a sidechain compressor between the guitar and microphone, which (when enabled) ducks the microphone signal while the guitar is played. This prevents any unwanted string strumming- and picking noises coming through the microphone - @schamass used this for his online guitar sessions to make sure that only his processed guitar sound was sent out over Skype.

Note: there is also a small script working in the Global rackspace to optimize the controls of the Audio player and feed the drums plugin with note events to start/stop the pattern playing.

List of used plugins:

  • Wah-Wah - Efektor WF3607 Wah Filter / KUASSA
  • Guitar amp - Archetype : Plini / Neural DSP
  • Drums - Strike 2 / AIR Music Technology
  • Compressor (drums) - MJUCjr / Klanghelm (free)
  • Channel strip (microphone) - LOADED / Analog Obsession (free)
  • Denoiser (microphone) - BERTOM denoiser (free)
  • EQ (microphone, stereo bus) - MEqualizer / Melda Production (free FX bundle)
  • Sidechain compressor - MCompressor / Melda Production (free FX bundle)
  • Compressor (stereo bus) - IVGI / Klanghelm

Download: Guitar Gig_V4.gig (4.5 MB)

Credits: @schamass