[Gig] MIDI Stepper

This gig file includes a script that is stepping through a provided MIDI file by tapping two notes; the script will step through the MIDI notes according to the specified quantization.

The rackspace will do the following:

  • load a specified MIDI file (provide it directly in the script!)
  • do a remapping of particular MIDI tracks to a specified midi channel (has to be done in the script!)
  • step sequentially through the MIDI events of the MIDI file according to the quantization setting using two different trigger controls

You can:

  • set the quantization value with a knob widget
  • see the current position of the MIDI sequence
  • set the used note/key pair as stepping triggers or
  • use a pad widget as a stepping trigger (could be MIDI-mapped to a pedal or whatever you like)
  • use a pad widget to reset the sequence to the start (could be MIDI mapped to a certain note or MIDI controller)
  • use a widget as “panic-button” (sends all notes off & resets MIDI)

Download: midistepper.gig (115.8 KB)

Credits: @schamass

Discussion thread (for questions/feedback): LINK

See this in Action: