[Gig] MIDI Burst Events Filter

This scriptlet filters out MIDI events burst, i.e. identical MIDI events that occur over a short period of time.

One application is to prevent MIDI feedback loop (the single port LoopBe1 is free for Windows) without stopping the MIDI communication. e.g. when using one unique virtual MIDI channel in bidirectional MIDI communication between two Gig Performer instances or in certain MIDI communication schemes, when dealing with MIDI controllers merging without possible alternative incoming MIDI messages to MIDI output port.

How to use:

  • insert the Scriptlet plugin in the MIDI loop and also before any instrument plugin which have to be controlled
  • adjust (separately for notes and other MIDI events) the time interval under which the MIDI event has to be filtered out.

Download: MIDI_Events_Burst_Filter.gig (23.0 KB)

Credits: @David-san