[Gig] Mercuriall Reaxis (MESA/Boogie Triaxis model)

Mercuriall Reaxis is a faithful model of the legendary Mesa Boogie Triaxis preamp with power amp (selectable between 6L6 or EL34) and highly-configurable cabinet section as well as wah, gate, several types of drives, chorus, delay and a reverb.

The Triaxis essentially contains the preamps of 7 Mesa Boogie amps:

  • Rhythm Green - Mark I, Black-face
  • Rhythm Yellow - Mark IV
  • Lead 1 Green - Mark I Lead
  • Lead 1 Yellow - Mark 1 Gain Boost
  • Lead 1 Red - Classic British Lead
  • Lead 2 Green - Medium Boogie Gain
  • Lead 2 Yellow - Mark IIC+/Mark IV
  • Lead 2 Red - Searing Boogie Lead

When you select a mode button in the Rackspace it changes the mode on the plugin, conversely when you change modes in the plugin it updates the Rackspace. To create a new tone, just depulicate the Rackspace, pick your mode dial in your tone and add some pre/post effects.

Download: Mercuriall Reaxis.gig (1.3 MB)

Credits: @chris_g