[Gig] Mapping of drum pads to dedicated notes

This gig file includes a scriptlet to map the drum pads of a MIDI controller (i.e. 16 drum pads of Arturia KeyLab MkII) to dedicated notes of drum kit plugins or external sound modules.

In this example, the free drumkit plugin Drum Pro is used.
Link: https://www.studiolinked.com/drum-pro/ 1

The scriptlet is mapping MIDI notes and poly aftertouch from the drum pads sending notes/polytouch between C1 and D#2 on channel 10.

With a dedicated MIDI in block you can already filter out other channels or data and forward MIDI data on channel 1 to the scriptlet.

With 16 simple faders you can assign / remap the input note to any other note, or set the drum pad inactive (C-2 / fader to the left). This is useful if you need sounds from different plugins or external.

Download: DrumPadsDemo.gig (52.4 KB)

Credits: @tripleB

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