[Gig] Local keyboards with Global Mic and Audio player

This gig file contains 4 rackspaces with keyboard sounds from LostIn70s and some additional effects from TH-U.

It features:

  • Acoustic Piano
  • E-Piano Mk73
  • E-Piano EP200
  • Organ HaNon B70 (only lower manual)

The output of the rackspaces is sent to the Global rackspace that contains a microphone channel and an Audio Player.

The Global rackspace allows you to use fixed settings for a microphone (for singing or speaking) and playing backing tracks with the Audio Player, while the input from a (local) rackspace may vary.

For example, you can play different keyboard sounds by changing the rackspaces (and their variations), while the Audio Player keeps playing the same tune and the settings for the microphone (level, EQ, Comp, FX) stay the same.

This setup is great for solo artists, speakers or players who exercise using backing tracks.

There is also a script (see “GPScript” in the manual to learn more) working in the background which brings a “real” STOP-functionality to the Audio Player’s control buttons.

Have fun with it!

Download: Key+AP+Mic.gig (2.1 MB)

Credits: @schamass