[Gig] IK Multimedia - Hammond B-3X

This gig file is dedicated to Hammond B-3X users by IK Multimedia. Make sure to get yourself the latest Gig Performer 4.7 as this gig file exercises the latest functionality built into Gig Performer.

This remarkable (who’d expect anything else!!!) work from @schamass is a monster gig file, where every parameter is mirrored by a widget, thus allowing you to create the whole variety of possible sounds by using variations.

It’s laid out for upper, lower and pedal keys - you can deactivate what’s not available (MIDI Note On messages are filtered in that case).

Scripted gimmicks are:

  • there is a “preset-octave” available for the upper and lower keyboard, made with shape widgets, which will change their color if a preset is manually activated (by clicking the widget) or when the respecting note is played on the keyboard. Behind each shape widget lies a LED-widget which takes the click when the mouse clicks the shape above,
  • the Leslie speed can be changed by using a short aftertouch press, using a sustain pedal or using the widget.

Download: B-3X special.gig (3.7 MB)

Credits: @schamass