[Gig] Drums with controllable ambience and backing track

In this gig file is an example of a typical practice drum setup.

Creater of this gig file uses SSD5 as the sampler, triggered by his Pearl e/merge instrument.

It has a few more bells and whistles, though. The e/merge has a slider to mix in the ambience level, on the right top of the panel.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t transmit the status of that slider as a MIDI control change. Instead another hardware control is used (a Roland SPD/S) controlling the level of the Room mics in SSD5.

Since SSD5 doesn’t allow any of its parameters to be controlled by GP, the room mics are routed to output 2 and the level is controlled in a channel strip plugin.

The SPD/S also switches on/off the EchoBoy, which only processes the 3rd output of SSD5 to which I routed the cowbell, claps and beatring. The echo is a typical tape echo linked to the host tempo, such that it can easily be controlled.

As a final touch, you can start and pause the audio file player to play along with your backing track.

Download: SSD5 with Ambiance.gig (252.5 KB)

Credits: @SplashChoke