[Gig] Bluesfinger

This gig includes the “Bluesfinger” scriptlet which plays simple Blues-like accompaniment note or note patterns by pressing just one single base note (multiple times).

The “playmode” parameter can be set to the following values:

  • OFF - means no additional notes.
  • SINGLE - means add a single note 7 halfsteps higher than the base note.
  • DOUBLED - changes between two added notes +7 and +9 to each press of a base note.
  • TRIPLED - steps up & down on added notes +7, +9, +10 with each press of a base note.

The keyboard is split into a “Bass” and a “Melody” region with two separate MIDI blocks - you can set the split points directly in the MIDI blocks or with the widgets on the rackspace panel.
The scriptlet is placed into the “Bass branch” only, so the bass will be aided by the scriptlet while you can freely play the upper melody notes.

Download: bluesfinger_2.gig (120.8 KB)

Credits: @schamass