[Gig] Audio tapping

This gig file allows you to set the global BPM by using an audio signal to “tap” the tempo, so you can use (say) a bass-drum microphone or an acoustic click to trigger the tapping.


Note: you must install a free plugin called MidiAudioToCC from the pizMIDI Collection (click here to download) which converts an incoming audio to a MIDI CC message. It also lets you read the audio level as a parameter (with a little help of GPScript) which will trigger a tap-signal to Gig Performer as soon as an incoming audio level exceeds the higher threshold and is ready again for the next tap when the audio level drops below the lower threshold (i.e. to let ring out the trigger sound).

Since the whole configuration is located in the Global rackspace, it will be always available.

Download: audio2midi-tap_global.gig (77.0 KB)

Credits: @schamass

Discussion thread: LINK