Getting started with setting up GP with Novation SL61 mk3

Hi everyone, and I’m glad to be part of this community. Hope you and your families are OK in those crazy times.

I just bought my first ever MIDI controller, and it is a BIG step into totally different landscape for me, since I was mostly dealing with arrangers for the last 20+ years. I wanted to stop relying on the mercy of a certain brands to decide for me what I can and cannot do with my keyboard, so I got fed up with that and sold what I’ve had, to invest in the mentioned controller and a pretty decent laptop that would become my rig, using GP alone (or in conjunction with Ableton) to play live on top my backing tracks.

Anyway, let’s cut that to the actual question…
Yes, live performance is practically dead now, but I try to use that time to get ready meanwhile, when/if things get better anytime soon.
I’m trying to create a setups where I would be able to switch between layers and splits, and I can’t figure out a way to create those setups in the most efficient manner. I’m not sure on which ‘mode’ (IN Control, Zones, Steps, etc) I have to be on the Novation side, so I can use the most of the control knobs, buttons, pads and sliders?
I see that Variations in the Rackspaces can do exactly what I need, which is perfect and very easy to setup in GP, but I’m more confused/unsure on the Novation’s side. The displays are totally blank while on IN Control mode, buttons and pads are not lit, and can’t really use the rotary knobs (although I’ve seen there are some workarounds into using those with scripts).

I’d love to hear someone that have some experience using GP with the same or similar Novation controller, and have any directions and tips about that hardware-software combination, or anything else that can be helpful in that matter at all.

I’m still about to get deeper and deeper into figuring out how to use GP for playing back the audio tracks, have ‘per song’ setups…etc, and getting used to work with GP in general.



Welcome to our community and congratulations on your move to GP and soft synths setup. I’m sure you’ll find that almost anything is possible and that you will be able to create the setup that works for you specifically.

You can do layers, splits based on a key range or even velocity using the MIDI In blocks. Just create one for your midi controller, then select the range you want, drop another one for the same device and select a different range etc… now you have two (or more) blocks for the same keyboard, but different ranges. If you overlap the ranges you’ll get layers and so on. You can now connect widgets to your splits and move them in variations so that the splits move the way you want them to.

I encourage you to dive into our manual and ask some specific questions when you get stuck.

Good luck!

Thanks djogon for the warm welcome.
I have a major progress only after 2-3 days of using GP, it is amazingly useful piece of software indeed. I’m already laying the ‘foundations’ for my setups, sill have lot to learn and explore. It really is mind opening for me.

Have a good one!