Getting one instrument detuned

I have GigPerformer (latest version) using Arturia plugins and two master keyboards. I have a configuration that has worked well for a while with a piano sound from the lower keyboard and an organ sound from the top keyboard. Since a few weeks, the upper sound is slightly detuned (less than a half tone up). I have tried many things. Like going to another rackspace with an electric piano sound at the bottom and a synth sound at the top - same issue. Like using the lower keyboard as input to both the lower sound and the upper sound - same issue. At the beginning, restarting GigPerformer or changing rackspace was fixing temporarily the issue, but it is no longer the case. I am kind of stuck now.

When I have read similar posts, I think there was an issue with sample rate? Maybe look into that?

So what changed a few weeks ago? That “slightly detuned” effect is usually due to conflicting sample rates. Are you running another audio application?


Thanks for the hint. I don’t remember what I changed that could have caused that but I will follow this sample rate idea. Thanks.

I am clueless for now. I created a minimal rackspace with my two keyboards, two Arturia instruments (sample rate is 44100Hz for both), and a mixer linked to my UR22mk2 and I still have the issue.

And I have no other application running.

I do not understand, what do you mean by that?
The sample rate is set for the audio interface and not for the instrument.

Hi there, in Arturia Instruments you can have seperate settings for Audio Samplerate …

Artura plugin - for example B-3 - loaded in Gig Performer.
And now in the settings of the plugin you can set the sample rate?

The UR22 sample rate is also 44100Hz - and as both instruments go to the same audio channel thanks to the mixer, I don’t think this can be the cause of the detune…

What I have not been able to find in the Arturia plugins loaded in GP is the way to access the audio settings. I got the 44100Hz value from running both plugins stand-alone outside GP, and this is the only thing available in the document. I can ask Arturia support though.

So from what you said, the issue always takes place on the “upper sound” plugin - no matter which plugin you play, and also no matter if you play this plugin with the upper or lower keyboard?

So, if that’s true, we can drop the plugins and also the keyboards as a possible source of failure!
What’s left would be the involved MIDI-Blocks, faulty settings in the rig manager or some unwanted global MIDI-assignments. These are things you should check!

Then try to start with an empty gig file and build that rackspace from scratch! Does it behave the same?
Any chance that you happen to use some kind of additional controller or OSC or MIDI-signal source from outside ahardware or software, which could probably interfere with your setting?

Please upload a simplified gig file, so we can have a chance to find something you might have missed - many users have the Arturia collection, so chances are good that we can use your gig file/rackspace without problems.

Hello @schamass, building a simple rackspace is what I tried this morning.Please find the export attached to this email. I went to the rig manager and did not see obvious issue.
Thank you for your help.

Test_rackspace.rackspace (73.8 KB)

I also just made a test with only the lower keyboard accessing both instruments, and I have the detune as well.

Only if you are using them standalone. If they are being used as plugins in a host, you cannot change their sample rates….the host manages thst.

Are you running one of the Arturia instruments in standalone mode?

I just imported that rackspace and cannot hear any pitch issues, do you?

No everything is through GP. I just run them stand-alone to find the audio settings following the sample rate question.

Those standalone audio settings are completely irrelevant when the plugins are loaded into a host. But one way to get the issue you describe is when you have two hosts running at the same time … and each “standalone” is technically a host.

Maybe a silly question but is these’re any possibility that your keyboards or your playing is causing pitchbend messages to be sent out?

I thought in the same direction… but if he played both plugins with one keyboard and only the “upper” plugin is the one which is always concerned, the keyboard should not be to blame (nor the playing).

Such pitch bend messages should be shown in the global MIDI monitor window.

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