Getting extensions to work in GP 5

I cannot get the basic song chooser extension to be recognized by GP 5. I put the .dylib file into the Extensions folder inside the GP folder on my new MacBook. After restarting GP it did not prompt me to activate that extension. So I tried to open the extension anyway from the menu and it won’t even find the extensions folder I created.

Once I try Basic Song Chooser, I’ll more than likely want to purchase Advanced Song Chooser. I’m fairly new to this platform but would appreciate any help.

Maybe a missing developer signing?

Just double-click on the dylib file, allow to open. Close the now popping up terminal window and retry in GP (restart)

Hi there,

I’ll test it out on my Mac over the next day or so and see if there is something unexpected up with the MacOS version and will get back to you.


Thank you Dave, I read somewhere that if you’re not registered with Apple as a developer then Mac OS won’t allow your dylib to open even after ‘allowing’ it in settings/privacy/security. Anyway, hoping we can get this figured out, thanks!

Could you post some screenshots of the alerts that you see when clicking Allow in System Settings and then when you open GP.

I deleted the extension, restarted my MacBook, then downloaded it again and put it into the extensions folder. Now what do I do? I tried clicking on the “Open extensions folder” and it brought up my Finder window, then I tried dragging the extension into GP but nothing happened.

I apologize for not knowing how to deal with these extensions, I’m fairly new to GP

Right click the dylib file and select Open. Does it then show an alert where you can choose to Allow?

Edit: that’s the wrong folder structure. It has to be in the “Shared” folder on your Mac HD.

/Users/Shared/Gig Performer/Extensions

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I got it, thank you very much. Now I will figure out how to use it

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@CreekyDog Have you got the Basic Song Chooser extension working on your Mac now? I tested it on my Mac this evening and it is working as expected.