Getting a digital pop whenever changing rackspaces

Was wondering if someone could help figure this one out. Within a set, I have several songs tied to load in specific rack spaces, it’s just two channels of audio and no midi, after each song I will switch to a different rack space with the same plugins but different settings and nothing gets bypassed or anything. However, when I do the switch a pop happens on all of the outputs… does anyone have a solution to this? The rackspace uses 14% of my CPU and my computer specs are 6 core 2.7ghz and 64GB memory.

There isn’t really enough information to address this. For example

  • Mac or Windows
  • Are you doing keyboard stuff, guitar stuff, something else?
  • What plugins are you using?
  • Does this happen regardless of what rackspace you switch to or when you switch TO a particular rackspace or when you switch FROM a particular rackspace?
  • Has this always been happening or did it start happening after you added a particular plugin?
  • How exactly are you switching from one rackspace to another?
  • Are you using audio tails?
  • Are you using Patch Persist?

I don’t know what this sentence means. Rackspaces are tied to song parts. One doesn’t load a song into a rackspace, so what exactly are you doing? Are you sending program changes to plugins? If so, that’s a terrible idea and could quite likely be the cause of your problem if a particular plugin doesn’t handle program changes properly?

Apologies for the lack of information, here’s the answer to your questions:

  • Mac, OSX 10.14
  • It’s guitar and vocal
  • fabfilter eq, deeser, plugin alliance maag eq and mc77, seventh heaven reverb, bx limiter, archetype nolly
  • this happen from when I switch from any rackspace to any rackspace, doesn’t matter
  • I havn’t tested that being honest, I setup the plugins for a specific sound for just one rack and then duplicated the racks to change only the nolly preset
  • I’m switching from rackspace to another by having each rackspace assigned to a specific song in a set and then clicking next song to change rackspaces. It also does the issue when manually clicking on each rackspace
  • Audio tails are set to 2.5 seconds for each
  • I have patch persist turned on yes.

For the program changes, I tested each plugin on it’s own and each can change settings on the fly without causing the pop.

What version of Gig Performer are you using? Patch Persist is not relevant if you’re not using MIDI synths

Tested exactly how?

Also, has this always been happening or did it start happening after you added a particular plugin?

I had a similar situation when I was attempting to switch rackspaces that included vocals. In short, the vocals will pop every time you switch unless the vocal portion of the new rackspace starts in a mute condition. This is due to the nature of a microphone, and how it interacts with a signal chain going from a mute to an ‘on’ condition—which is precisely what happens when you activate a new rackspace.

My solution was to create a separate instance of GP with just vocals, something that wouldn’t require switching rackspaces mid-songs while I switched rackspaces with other instruments. Try and set the rackspaces up in such a way that if you require some vocal switching mid-song, create variations within one rackspace to handle the changes. Set up widgets to control channel mixer blocks that have your various vocal plugins routed to them, rather than having widgets bypass certain plug-in blocks while activating others. For example, if you want to change a vocal to go from having reverb to having reverb and some delay, use the channel mixer volume to increase the delay rather than suddenly removing the bypass from the delay. You can avoid pops this way.

I don’t understand this – what is special about a microphone that you would get pops when you switch rackspaces? I’m still pretty sure that if there’s a “pop” happening, it’s more likely that one or more of the plugins has a bug where it can’t handle being reset properly.

Independent of the “pop” issue, this is good advice for many workflow/usability reasons

@AmnesiaSound - if you bypass the same plugin in two rackspace and switch between those, then do that with another and another - eventually you should be able to figure out which plugin is creating the “pop” sound.

Good troubleshooting advice above from the developers. :slight_smile:

I suspect Archetype Nolly is the prime culprit.
Firstly, Neural DSP say this about their plugins:

" Unsupported DAWs:

  • Gig Performer ( Win & MacOS )
  • Mixcraft (Win & MacOS)
  • Cakewalk Sonar X3 Studio

Our plugins don’t work correctly with those DAWs, producing random crashes."

Secondly, I use NeuralDSP Darkglass Ultra with no such issues, but it does give a noticeable pop when bypassed/activated if signal is present. (True of many hardware pedals too!)



Interesting, so they don’t follow the VST standards which makes their plugin instable when using a “DAW” that follows the VST standards, that’s it?

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I don’t know what their actual issue is!

I queried customer support as to whether it was specific to an older version of GP.
Their reply:
“Regarding Gig Performer, we don’t provide official support for that DAW since we experience those crashes with all versions. Please, check the DAW compatibility here:

There are a few people who post on the forum that use the Neural plugins, so you might get some more feedback from them.

Happy S-Gear user here :wink:

It’s working fine for me.
It’s Neural DSP seem to have an issue!