Generate useful numbered names for a set of widgets

If I need some number of identical widgets and I want their OSC/GPScript names to be consistent and numbered, this is how I do it: I create one widget (say, a knob) as a template, I set its various characteristics as I want them (size, “show backplate”, “display range”, etc) and give it a name (say “balanceKnob”). Then I select it and duplicate it (ctrl-D on Windows). The newly created knob is now called “balanceKnob_1”. Then I move it out of the way, select the original knob, and duplicate it again. This creates a knob called “balanceKnob_2”. Repeat until I have as many as I need, and then delete the original. I now have a set of identical widgets with sequentially numbered names that I can use in GPScript or OSC.

(Note: it would be so nice if I could just duplicate the duplicated widget instead of having to select the original one each time, but that results in “balanceKnob_1_1”, “balanceKnob_1_1_1”, etc., which is not nearly as useful as a naming scheme.)


Have you tried using CTRL+c (copy) on the original, and then just repeatedly doing CTRL+v (paste) for all of the copies? This means that you can get the result you want without having to go back and select the original widget each time.

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