General hanging is there something like eventlog in windows to point me as to why

Doctor, I’m sick - fix me — but I’m not going to tell you what’s hurting :slight_smile:

Seriously — you need to provide some useful information that can be used to try and diagnose the problem.

What version of GP4? What version of the OS? Is this a new problem or has this always happened? What changed on your computer? New plugins? Updated plugins? Updates to your OS? New applications added? New/changed audio interface or new/changed drivers for it? Changes to your gig file? Does it happen with every gig file or just one of them? Is this happening during loading or while your performing? Does it happen with a particular rackspace or song?

Etc., etc.


If you can help great, but the app is running not crashed, this happens randomly and has in v 4.7 and before os 14.1, 14, 13, theres no indication as to why or pattern, i did send a copy of the project to support ages ago but got no reply hence the question, which i take fom the reply the answer is no.

We’d like to…

OK - that’s useful — your initial post just said it was hanging — knowing that it’s random rather than always is another critical piece of information. How often does it happen? When does it happens? Is it during a load, during playback, switching rackspaces, editing a rackspace, etc. etc.
The latest version of GP is 4.8.2 — can you please test there to see what happens

That’s generally not useful because (a) our environment is not going to be the same as yours (different audio interfaces, different plugins, possibly even different versions of the same plugins, other stuff in the environment (audio drivers, different hardware, etc) and we certainly can’t debug every plugin that’s out there.

Which reply? My response to your first post was that you need to provide way more information than GP is hanging! All you’ve told us so far is that it’s random and on various macOSs. I still don’t know if this is happening with all your gig files, a single gig file, how big is your gig file, how many plugins, how much RAM in your system, etc ---- are you running on Intel or Apple Silicon? If the latter, are you running GP natively or under Rosetta? If the former, are your plugins AU or VST or a mixture? If the former, are any of them still Intel and running under Rosetta with GP running natively?

Are you able to make this happen with an empty gig file or with just one particular plugin? Do you have any MIDI loops by mistake (e.g, you have a MIDI In Omni block and some MIDI In IAC blocks)? Are you running OSC? Are there GP Scripts running?

Please don’t take this the wrong way but you have to provide us with sufficient information about your system for us to at least have a starting point to try and diagnose. That Help link I included in my earlier respond provides some guidelines for initial information that should be provided.

A “not responding” message generally just means that the GUI is not responding. Can you still play when it’s not responding?

Can you generate a sample using Activity Manager and post the results?

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It happened and happens with all versions uo to and including 4.8.2

The question was not actually for help althought anything is appriciated, i asked if there was a program like event viewer in Windows in the Mac forum IE I’m on Apple silicon, it looks from your post that there is something called activity monitor.
There is midi in, osc, and gp scripts running. problem is it will run for hours or days ok then just hang, I’ll try to see if the keyboards and vst’s still respond when the gui is hung.
I’ll look into the activity monitor next time.
it is a fairly complex project

here is the laptop spec

Nothing works while it is hung
I’ve taken a sample as requested, I noticed the no of time hung keeps incrementing. and each time the memory keeps increasing so at the mo its saying 41.02GB

Sample of GigPerformer4.txt (1.3 MB)

Yeah, I was wondering if this might be a memory leak somewhere but where are you seeing that the memory keeps increasing? Did you just run the sampler multiple times?

It’s going to be very hard to track this one down as there’s no way to tell if it’s one of your plugins or something really obscure inside Gig Performer, specially if you’re writing some complicated GP Script code

However, what’s really bothering me is your earlier comment that sometimes it can be hours and sometimes it can be days. I would expect a memory leak to take about the same amount of time.

When did this first start happening? By any chance was it after you installed Kontakt 7?

not sure, I’m faily certain it’s not scripting, it’s not really complex
I’ve saved the progect under a new name and removed all the synths, so only guitar amps and effects, I’ll see how this works and introduce elements back in.
The Recent hangs counter was counting up while hung.
Thanks for the help

so very strange,
I noticed that some of the setlist items could not be clicked, so searched the forum and came across someone suggesting turning off the virtual midi which I did, since then I’ve not had a hang, I don’t understand why, but fingers crossed it seems to be working solid again.

Well, did you have any MIDI Omni blocks in any rackspace? If you’re using virtual MIDI ports, you must not have MIDI Omni blocks as you’ll generate MIDI feedback loops which will basically bring the system down. This is well documented in the user manual and there’s even a separate blog article on the topic.

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not that i’m aware of however i’ve lots of racks so may have added one inadvertently, I’m looking through them. one by one, is there a simple way to see whats being used similar to the vst in use thanks

They get added automatically when you create a rackspace. So you need to explicitly remove them, if they’re connected to anything

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