Gary Wright - Dream Weaver Plugin Question

Hello all, does anyone have an idea of what synth Gary Wright used for that signature sound effect in “Dream Weaver”? I know he used a Rhodes, a clavinet and an ARP string ensemble for other parts, I’m looking for that spacey, shimmery riff that appears in the intro and outro. Was it a Moog?

Thanks for any thoughts. Cheers to all!

I hear different layers in that intro… one is defiantly a Rhodes with loads of verb and damper. Under it all is a drone… not sure what that is.

I think you’re asking about the bubbly spacey sound that first appears at 10 seconds? It could be the same Rhodes run through an EMS VCS3?

Edit: after some tinkering… it probably was a Moog.

This video is grainy and not well focused, so I don’t know if you’ll be able to identify the gear used.

Here’s a more recent version, with Edgar Winter on keys.

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That’s not Jim Keltner on drums in the vintage video who tracked the song, ergo… not a real performance, just bad '70s music video aesthetic, so I wouldn’t trust what it appears to be what they are playing.

If you have Aurturia plugins, I got kind of close tinkering with both their ARP2600 and their Moog (Mini V3) although the ARP sounds darker/evil compared to the Moog, but that’s probably just my skill set.

Thanks for the ideas - I have most of the song down, it’s just that spacey, cascading down/up sound effect I’m needing. Will keep tinkering!