Gary Dillon

Gary Dillon is business process development manager and a keyboard player from Dundee City, United Kingdom. Here are some photos from a wedding event:

This is Gary’s first time gigging with the new setup - 2x Arturia controllers and Gig Performer - and “It worked flawlessly!”

(his old setup consisted of Fantom X8 and Motif XS6)

He plays in a band Coconut Groove.


One of the best keyboard setups I’ve ever seen! And the K&M Spider Pro is an amazing stand, with its mic attachment!


Thanks for putting a brand to that stand. I’m looking for a new dual keyboard stand. Being able to support a microphone as well is a big plus. has the stand for 298 €. The mic attachment is just 20 €. Not bad.


You are welcome. I bough mine because I wanted something like the Apex keyboard stand but with room for pedals underneath it, as the Apex got me really frustrated regarding that aspect. Not only the Spider allows for that, it is also a better overall stand, in my opinion.

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