"Galaxy Vintage D" on contact - map "Colour" control

This is a tough one. “Galaxy Vintage D” has been my favourite grand piano library fpr many years now. Since I bought it in, dunno, 2014?, I always used it as a versatile jam session standard and also in the studio because its “Colour” parameter gives me a VERY wide range from dreamy ballad to glassy hard rock piano.

No question that Vintage D has its own panel to dial it up whenever I need a concert grand.

now recently I tried to map said “Colour” control to a knob on the panel to be able to dial in the character without having to pull up the GUI. But all I’m seeing in the map section are numbers from #001 to #351 (or something).

The “Learn” function did not trigger anything when I moved the GUI knob while GP was listening. The “documentation” that came with the library doesn’t mention anything.

Do you have any idea what I could do to map this one?

Does “Galaxy Vintage D” support HOST automation?
As it is a Kontakt Instrument, maybe you have to enable HOST automation for the desired parameter in Kontakt itself.

Here is a show case


… aaaaaaand nailed it, Paul! Thx a bunch!