Frustration. Kontakt has amnesia

I can’t say whether this is a Kontakt problem, Mac M1 problem or GP4 problem (not likely} but I don’t know where else to start:
Here’s the goods. I’ve spent many hours programming many patches and sounds using Kontakt in GP4 on my new Mac Mini M1.
Every few days when I come back to rehearsal or to play, Kontakt has forgotten the programming I did and several or all of my Kontakt patches are empty.
Yes I save constantly, export every patch, save every GP user file and also save every Kontakt multi.
So they’re all there but none load when I open GP4.
I can go back in and reload every multi again and they’ll stay for awhile, but hours, days or maybe a week later they’re all gone again.
Any help GREATLY appreciated.


With what mac OS?

There are still compatibility issues…

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