Freebie: BIAS Modulation Pedal pack from Positive Grid


Positive Grid offers a free licence for their “BIAS Modulation Pedal” package if you
share their page on twitter or facebook:

The bundle includes the following modules:
Chorus, Vibrato, Flanger, Rotary, Phaser, Tremolo, Pan, Ring and Auto Swell

More details:


Thanks for the note.

Has anyone ever got a Positive Grid product to place nice in GP? Last time I tried they had no automation ability so no mapping to widgets etc. Which is a massive pain!

A shame because some good sounds from Bias Pedal (i have managed to get the drive and delay versions for free so this will complete the set without having paid a penny…), although not good enough over other plugins which allow full automation.

As an aside - if you like modulation FX then check out Tube Modulator by Audiority; just an incredibly good sounding plugin and ticks all my mod boxes!


Nice, I clicked the link to share via Twitter that I last used about 5 years ago; couldn’t rememember my password so clicked the remind me, clicked back to the Bias page and it had given the code without me actually posting anything…

Also, just to clarify on the ‘playing nice with GP’ comment above; that is 100% aimed at PostiveGrid, there is zero issue I see with GP that makes the PositiveGrid plugins a pain in the bum…


Yes - I use BIAS and their AMP2 product did not have automation for a while which I reported and complained about. They have fixed it since so the host automation works for BIAS AMP2 now properly

BIAS FX always had the automation working so their plugins work nicely with GP


Interesting… totally co-incedentally I re-downloaded Bias FX and Bias Pedal last night and although there was automation parameters available to GP there was no way of assigning those within Bias FX to actually do anything!

Bias Pedal had no automation parameters available to GP.

How have you managed it?!?


I only used AMP2 and FX and AMP 2 was missing host automation, but they fixed it and now id does have the host automation.
I just fired up the pedal plugin and you’re right - it lacks the host automation.
You should complain to them really. A plugin without any automation parameters is really useless.


Ha! Apparently it’s because MIDI/Automation support is only in the ‘Professional’ version. You know, that feature that every other plugin on the planet has as standard…

Oh well!


Damn! :persevere:
Sorry for having put up false expectations…
Next time i will test the software before spreading a link. Promised!


It still works on GP and is worth getting for free, just very annoying they don’t have such a basic feature for the standard versions.


Hmmm. I do have their distortion pedal which I purchased along with some other PRO components they have. The parameters are still not there so this is not something that some other versions have. At least that’s what I’m seeing.

they had the same issue with AMP2 until they fixed it so I think you’ll have to complain on their forums like I did for the AMP2 :slight_smile: