Free Wah Pedal VST for Mac & Windows?

Does anyone out there in TV land know of free wah pedal VST for Mac and Windows? I found this one (New free VST wah effect "Wahman" - Effects Forum - KVR Audio) but it’s only Windows.

Alternatively, anyone have experience with the Kuassa WF3607 Wah Filter? (Efektor WF3607 Wah Filter Guitar Effect Software | KUASSA

I have some plugins that have wah pedals, but there always part of a much larger suite of effects and I was looking for something light weight.

I’ve always struggled finding a wah that I felt sounded ‘right’. This included the kuassa one.

The first wah that I actually liked using was the one in the Mercuriall plugins (e.g. Euphoria). But as you mentioned, it’s part of a larger amp sim. But I often use it with all other components switched off, so this does make it fairly light weight.

@rank13 I noticed you used the Euphoria wah in the gig you posted with the auto wah script. I like that one too. I stole your scrip too, works like a champ!

Sad to hear about the Kuassa wah. I might try it anyway. You never know, I might like it.

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I use the Kuassa wah and think its great.

I use the Kuassa wah as well and it works for me. I did try the Hornet one but it didn’t have any magic for me.

Thanks for the feedback! I think I’ll just take the plunge with the Kuassa pedal. I have some of their other stuff and it’s pretty good.

I tried out their demo and really liked it. I think it’s on sale for $15…worth it!


Way cheaper than a physical wah pedal…

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Yeah, i am about to try it too… it’s on sale for $15 (instead of $25) and i still don’t have any dedicated Wah-plugin. I guess, if it isn’t too bad, i will grab i too.

EDIT: Bought it after a short test! I tried it together with Neural DSP’s Archetype Plini, and it sounds awesome. I think, those 15€ were well invested! :slight_smile:


I don’t know about their wah pedal, but Mercuriall has a very good free chorus pedal which sounds perfect on Rhodes and Wurli.

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