Free GATELAB by Audiomodern - The Creative Gate Sequencer


Cool! You were faster than me with this posting. :grin:
I also read that news and i think this plugin seems to be quite promising.
Have you tried it yet?

I guess I will download it this evening.

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ohhh, some you win some you loose… ehh. slow mornings give me some extra time.

Yep! right away, some great fun with it, not only processing audio but also as it generates MIDI, control some other things as well.

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I’ve got it working in Reaper…pretty cool experiments. But I can’t figure out how it will work in GP. I can’t get sound to pass through it…? Don’t you just connect a sound producing plugin to its input…then connect the Gatelab output to Audio Out?

yes, Im on macosx and its working this way.
I normally use AU, let me check using VST/VST3

I’ve tried the AU and VST3… also on macosx. Maybe I’ll try re-installing the plugin. But that was why I tried it in Reaper, and it worked there.

This should work…right?

Sure !
Just remember it needs the tempo from host - so press GP play :wink:

I’m an idiot!! :crazy_face: :thinking: :crazy_face:


ahah nop, in the heat of the moment…
also no pop-up text references, to what does what… (thats Bypass by the way…)

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I haven’t tried the plugin version, only the standalone version. Well, not ‘tried’ exactly. ‘Opened’ is more like it. I have both Riffer and Chordjam. Both of those output MIDI. Gatelab and Filterstep (also free) can output audio, but the standalone versions do not support ASIO. I closed both and haven’t been back to them since.

Snakes. I hate snakes. You go first.

Today i tried the Gatelab and the Filterlab plugin… well… quite nice, but i couldn’t find a real use for it (yet) on a first attempt.
Maybe i will have to experiment a bit more, i will see.

Well , that’s what I immediately though, but I think that’s because I am essentially an old fashioned keyboarder. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yeah, it seems we have that in common. :beers:
At least this plugin is nothing i would use for playing live - maybe i will try to feed some sampled noise through it to get some sort of unconventional rhythm patterns, but that’s something i will do in my DAW.

I played around with some settings and made a really nice varied tremolo on a Rhodes.


For that I usually turn the tremolo knob, but OK, I am bit lazy :stuck_out_tongue:


Or…,write a scriplet!