Free Accordian plugin suggestions?

I’m hoping to find a free accordian plugin that works in Kontakt Player 7. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

You mean a free sample library to be used in Kontakt 7?

You can take a look here: Good accordian VST - #15 by djogon

Yes. Kontakt Player 7

Not free, but for $30.00 I think it has very good accordions and maybe most other bread and butter sounds you may need in the future. I am happy with it:


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Yeah, I saw that one

That definitely looks like a great bang for the buck VI. I have the full version of Kontakt, so I don’t have to worry about finding only licensed libraries that work in the Kontakt Player. Even so, $30 for a licensed library is a bargain, and this one looks like it’s more than worth the $30, even if it were unlicensed. Gonna buy it.

EDIT: Downloading now. Holy smokes, but they have a SLOW download server. It feels like the old analog line modem days when I’d connect my 19.2 K baud modem to a 300 baud download. Tick tick tick. And not multitasking Windows, so it took over my PC for the duration of the download. Don’t miss those days.

Hope you like it! (I’m not affiliated with them in any way).

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It was a bit of a kluge to install, but once I got through that, it worked great. Very impressive for the money. Really nice GUI. The only downside is the amount of time I’ll spend just playing around with it. :laughing:

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