FR: Lessons from setlistmaker


I think GP could benefit from functions that are in setlistmaker.
I hope the devs take a look into this and add some functions.

  • chordpro
  • tags
  • setlist columns
  • autoscrolling
  • show length calculation…
  • font size of list and text
  • etc…

I’m jealous of our gitarist using this app and comes brag to me :smiley:

I think there’s much to learn, check the video


Why don’t you just run setlist maker and have it send MIDI commands to Gig Performer to have the latter switch rackspaces or songs or song parts, etc?


That’s on option as I see :slight_smile:
I’ll think it over. But still I think the best way is all in 1 software. So looking forward when those options will be available.


OnSong on the iPad is a brilliant master midi controller. All done wirelessly I might add. Brings up the correct programs, show lyrics and chords, has auto scroll etc etc. I leave Gig Performer as the sole program on my Surface and control it and several other pieces of hardware directly from OnSong. I use OnSong as the setlist device. There are heaps of musicians around the world using OnSong.