Forte to GP Wusik plugins won't save

Former Forte user moving to GP. I used a few Wusik plugins with no issue (64 bit) in Forte but in GP the presets don’t save. I know Wusik is small time but it worked well in Forte. Anybody solved this?

So in Gp no presets within that plugin can be saved?
Be aware that Gig Performer saves and loads the plugin state and does not recall presets.
So when you change a sound in a plugin and save as a preset within a plugin but you do not save the gig file, then the next time you load that gig file not the changed preset is loaded, but the state of the plugin which was stored in the gig file.


I would reach out to William. In the past, he has been very accessible and would look to get this fixed (I “know” him through k-v-r).

Although I have not had interactions with him for about a decade, I suspect he would love to to have a strong relationship with Gig Performer.