Forte to Gig Performer Migration - Now Glitch Free


Some of you have probably already read my horror story of the rig issues from hell I dealt with last week. I want to thank everyone that weighed in on my issues and provided what has turned out to be very sound advice (pun intended).

I’ve been a Brainspawn Forte user for 14 years. I know it like the back of my hand, warts and all. I’ve been very effective with it. That being said, the author made the choice for me that I would have to switch when he decided to shutter his business. I was already dealing with a number of odd issues in Forte at the time Mike decided to close up shop. I don’t begrudge him making that choice, but it did create a number of challenges for those of us that had invested significant time and effort over a long period of years in the product.

I won’t go into my evaluation process that led me to choose Gig Performer, but after last night’s show, it is very clear I made the right choice! Everything was glitch free, all night long. The bigger story was the reaction of my band mates. Due to the differences in Gig Performer, and in particular, a go-to free VSTi I used a ton in Forte crashes Gig Performer, I had to significantly change a number of plugins and sounds throughout my whole set. The reviews from the band were things like “It sounds amazing!” and “It was great seeing you not worry about your virtual rack all night long”.

I now feel confident in using a number of plugins that were problematic in Forte that Gig Performer handles without any issues. I also used this opportunity to retool all of my vocoder usage to Waves Morphoder. Forte couldn’t deal with this plugin at all, but it works flawlessly in Gig Performer. Fans that have followed us noticed the change and many remarked on how much ‘cooler’ all the vocoding stuff sounded last night. Yes, even the audience noticed the seismic shift in my sound.

All I can say gentlemen is JOB WELL DONE with this application. I’m sure now that I’ve got my initial conversion essentially done, I’ll be driving everyone crazy with more questions as I try to further push the boundaries of what I can accomplish with Gig Performer. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve only scratched the surface.



That is a wonderful story, congratulations!
Yes I made the same experience, I was using MainStage for years and I always had issues to use my demanding plugins because of RAM and/or CPU resource usage.
And I always waited for a crash during a gig because I always had when I was programming my sounds.
In Gig Performer I had never a crash when playing live.
Now I am experimenting with OSCULATOR and Gig Performer and remote control Logic projects.

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When you say remote control, are you talking remote on a different computer host, or virtually remote (process isolation) but on the same computer host? Depending on effort, I would love to do something like that with Presonus Studio One on my host. That would certainly solve a couple of issues I’m trying to work through.



I am using Gig Performer on Mac and send OSC messages to another Mac.
On the other Mac OSCULATOR is running and with Applescript the corresponding Project in Logic Pro X is switched. And then the play button is started.
Is super easy to implement - but OSCULATOR is only available on Mac.

Another scenario is Gig Performer and Ableton Live on the same Mac (but could be a remote Mac or even Windows)
In this constellation I am sending different OSC Messages to Ableton Live, for example when I switch a Rackspace the corresponding scene in Ableton Live is switched and when I press global play the active scene is triggered, M4L does the trick.
I do many others things with M4L within Ableton Live to synch for example the track levels with the corresponding widgets in Gig performer - because I completely control all things in Ableton Live from Gig performer.
This would work on windows too.

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I am glad to see another new happy Gig Performer user. Thank you for the feedback :+1: