For free: Izotope Iris 2

We have always been willing to work with any plugin developer to ensure compatibility with Gig Performer®. If the issue is on our end then we’ll just fix it and release an update as quickly as possible.

However, when the issue is due to a problem with the plugin itself , there is very little we can do other than to help the plugin developer with crash reports and explanations as to how to reproduce the issue.

To date, almost all plugin developers have been willing, indeed often eager, to find and fix issues with their plugins. It is usually the case that such issues occur because Gig Performer uses some plugin functionality that, while part of the official plugin standards, is not used by many other hosts and so is simply overlooked.

iZotope states that GP is not a supported host and they ignore the crash reports clearly showing that the crashes occur inside their code.

We are always ready to help plugin makers make their plugins compliant with the standards but, regretfully, we have hit a brick wall with iZotope as they do not seem to be interested in making their product more safe and robust.

Consequently, and with some regret, **we recommend that our users not include iZotope plugins in their live gig files as they can clearly make the entire gig unstable.