Focusrite interface

Anybody using a focusrite clarett usb 8 pre, im wanting more outputs and currently using a babyface pro which i know rme is the gotu but just thinking and might save a fair bit of money on focusrite

You might want to look at the PreSonus Quantum

Yes i heard good things about these but they are not good with windows unfortunately

I haven’t used a Clarett myself but am a user of Saffire and Scarlett interfaces and have never had any issues. A musician/producer friend uses one of the Clarett family for liv euse (keys) and is very happy with it. The Claretts are well reviewed and spec’d so would say go for it!

I have a Scarlett 18i20 I’m happy with other than the mediocre drivers (which don’t do multiclient ASIO).

I’ve used it as just an 8 in / 8 out breakout through my Babyface’s ADAT. No complaints, but I’m not a golden eared audiophile. I can’t hear the difference between the AD/DA converters of any of my interfaces. (I can’t tell a Steinway from a Yamaha piano in a double blind test either, and I’m a piano player.)

So i ended up sticking with rme and getting a rme ucx, its been out a while now but you just cant go past rme’s quality and driver stability.


And total mix is awesome

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