Flux keyboard - I don't need it, but I want it

I can imagine some cool things to do with this.


What a bargain for a “keyboard”… for just around 600 bucks i guess i’d take two. :grimacing: :roll_eyes:
But it’s an interesting concept! Thanks for showing. :+1: :beers:


Inventive humans don’t stop inventing :wink:

Compared to the Art Lebedev OLED keyboards, they are actually rather keenly priced. It’s a neat evolution of the Stream Deck style solution to dynamically programmable key legend visuals.

Looks nice but I am wedded to ergonomic keyboards for any serious work.

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As a keyboard it doesn’t appeal to me.

However, I like the concept as the basis for a control surface.

From what I gather it’s just a high-res display with transparent overlay on it, with transparent keys. The website says the “keyboard” itself doesn’t have anything electronic in it, but clearly something is sensing the keypresses.

It could be very interesting as a control surface where you could arrange knobs, buttons, and sliders as you like and information like labels, values, colors, icons, etc. would project through. We can already do that with touchscreen displays, but I still prefer the touch of actual knobs, buttons, and faders.


I don’t know for sure, but it looks like they have split hall-effect switches above and below the screen, so the magnet part is in the removable transparent keyboard on top of the screen and the reed sensing switch parts are underneath the screen.

Ah, that must be it.

I’m surprised they can get the accuracy and sensitivity you’d need with that much distance and a screen between magnet and sensor with that much key density.

I suppose that’s why it’s so pricey.

My first thought was that is was just a touch screen and the keys had clear silicon pads on the bottom that touched the screen when pressed. But the info on the site made it clear that wasn’t it.