Flic 2 wireless midi for windows

I’m intrigued with idea of using the Flic 2 buttons as a wireless midi controller mounted on my guitar. It can send midi data via bluetooth but no specifics included. Does anyone know if it’ll work with Windows 11? It is very hard to find info specifically related to windows on it. I know some are using it with Onsong. I’d love to know if it can be used directly with my PC laptop or will I need something like the CME widi dongle?

On Windows, I think devices exposed by Bluetooth are not usable. This boils down that Windows uses two separate audio subsystems. GP uses the legacy one (mme, which is used by almost everyone), but the BT devices are only supported by the UWP framework.

I wrote a bridge to route BT to mme devices. Then using loopmide (or any virtual midi cable, using mme) you can redirect the input and output to GP.

If you want to use it, please read the manual. High level this is the procedure: give your devices a symbolic name. Then configure a route between these names.


I’ll check it out! Thanks very much!