First Time running GP, it's taking a good 2 days to scan plugins

First Time running GP, it’s taking a good 2 days to scan plugins. Is this normal? I’m on a new M3 pro Macbook pro. Each plugin takes a few minutes to be tested.

No, its not normal for it to take that long, though I’ve not heard from other M3 users.
Any antivirus or antimalware apps running on your Mac?
Any backups occurring?

  1. Are you running the Universal version of GP or the Intel version?
  2. Did you give GP permission to access your folders?
  3. Are your plugins all Apple silicon native or do you a lot of Intel plugins?
  4. Are you connected to the internet so that plugins that want to contact “home” can do so?
  1. Universal Version!
  2. yes
  3. I’m new to mac so not sure but it’s all recent plugins mostly waves, uad, fabfilter etc…
  4. yupp

After 2 days the Audio Unit scans are done and vst scans are going pretty quickly i just hope gp never scans for audio units again

Can you identify which AU plugin scans are slow?
All of them?

How many plugins do you have?

Once the initial scan is complete, subsequent scans just be very fast. But you can also turn off automatic scanning and then just do a manual scan (which will be quick) when you add or update a plugin