First Live Performance with GP

So, it has been 31 years since I played out live. We did a set of all 80’s stuff and GP performed fantastically.

Just a quick pic during the setup. Yamaha MX61 on the bottom, Axiom 61 and Keystation 49 dedicated to the Dell G15 running GP and all connected to Scarlett 3rd gen 18i20 …

Ran a number of Step Sequencers for drum and synth patterns for song like “Relax” from FGTH and for Save a Prayer from Duran Duran, as well as lots of Arturia CMI, JP8 emulations etc. along with Korg Collection suite (Odyssey, Poly 5, MonoPoly, etc.

The power of GP I have only scratched the surface. it was a tons of fun. I am now moving into Marillion and work on converting all my old Forte setups over with tons of imporvements that GP bring to the table.

Thanks for the community and a damn fine piece of software engineering …

One note: During setup to the board, the sound tech asked if I could boost my signal a little. I mentioned I cannot. I had originally set up my rackspace to -2dB so that once levels were set I could give a little boost to certain sounds if they weren’t cutting through from the Axiom faders for a little more headroom. This proved to be self defeating …

I recalled Forte had a “general setting” where you could pick a default trim level up to +6 or whatever whereas GP only goes up to 0 dB.

I had mentioned this in a post request (for the ability to set this per rackspace with perhaps an upper limit or a widget that would allow past 0 dB) but was denied. The global ability to set an upper Trim in Global settings for this particular instance would still have been nice, yet still provide protection where the Master Trim knob could not go past 0dB in a rackspace or on screen.


I am using an RME UFX II and do such things on my Interface and not in GP
I make sure, that the levels are ok in gp

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Are you saying the sound tech had absolutely no attenuation on your inputs? That’s very unusual. What’s your audio interface? Is it not putting out a strong enough signal?

Not true — you can turn the master trim up to +6db


Another approach would be to route all audio to the global rackspace and add an extra gain stage in the global rackspace that you could use for such adjustments.

All of that said, is it possible that your actual instrument volumes are set too low?


Cool, thanks for the tip … !

Scarlett 18i20. I am sure it is very capable but my choices on setup caused the concern. In the end I got heard in the mix :)…

As mentioned, I set up Master Trim in my Variations / Rackspaces to about -2dB after soundcheck (I was backed off to around -3.5dB so that I could set a programmable fader in my Variations to bring up to “0dB” if I needed a little extra headroom, since we are limited to any programmable fader or knob reaching over 0dB as a variation … I don’t plan to use over +0dB for volume mixer control …

I mentioned this ended up being a self defeating problem in my setup.

Also, the Yamaha MX61 has awful outputs. They even sent a firmware update to increase +6 dB. They are still a known problem.

Well, this statement really needs an " * " or a Caveat with it :slight_smile:

  • You cannot save that value for default startup or Variation / Rackspace recall above 0dB (that I can find).
  • You cannot set a Variation Knob or Fader above 0dB.
  • You cannot save this in Audio settings in GP General settings area


Reaching for that knob with a mouse or touchscreen seems more scary to me than not having a physical knob assigned that can go to a certain programmable upper limit above +0dB. So, I leave it where it is :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks for this suggestion about global rackspace and gain !! This would work

The inputs / outputs into the Scarlett were backed off to keep the vu meters out of the ‘red’ as I did my setup.

So I will keep plugging away to find a solution.

In the end, GP made a lot of really cool things happen. I look forward to learning a lot more from the community.

I do things sort of strange, but I like that I just have my little Presonus Audiobox Go sitting on my bottom keyboard and use it as a master volume control for GP.

All by design — you most certainly do not want the system to remember that you added extra volume when you go your next show. Also, that master trim is intended ONLY for temporary adjustment in the scenario you mentioned (not enough volume) — it is not really supposed to be remembered and we allowed association with a widget somewhat under protest.

You should be designing your rackspaces so that everything is at the maximum possible volumes you need (obviously relative to other sounds in the same rackspace) and only use the Trim to attenuate if your FOH can’t handle it.

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So, in the end, I found the source of my issue. The “Monitor” knob on the Scarlett can be programmed in a number of ways to control some, all or none of the outputs from the unit. Well, it was set to “all” in Focusrite Control and the knob was turned up not even to half ! Yep, that’ll do it. !!

That’s a good idea, thanks for mentioning that. The Scarlett has similar options with the monitor knob on the front of it I find out after delving further into it’s configuration.

Thanks for taking the time to report the solution.