First gig done with GP done and dusted

Last night was the first gig using Gig Performer in anger. Not much of a safety net as I took my Motif and a Novation SL MkII 61 key controller.
Two sets of around one hour per set and it went without a glitch.
I’m using the Novation to move through the set list and due to moving from 2 88 note keyboards to a 61 and an 88 there are a few more patch changes due to very complex splits.
I save every rack individually so that it’s easy to compile sets and change things around. I did think that GP was struggling a bit with one large list of 40 songs loaded but split into separate sets it seems to work perfectly.
Using VI’s has certainly enhanced my live setup and GP will be my facto VI host going forward based on tonight’s performance.
Second gig coming up this weekend with a different band and a completely different musical style. Some complex stuff to program in but based on tonight’s gig I’ve got full confidence that GP will handle it.

In anger?
I’m almost afraid to ask!

Just one of those “quaint” English sayings.Means using it for real, in production etc. Although with me it can get quite literal if things go wrong :slight_smile:

Second gig tonight with a different band. Lots of Hammond (UVI B-5), Piano and Brass. GP worked perfectly yet again.

Hi, Lee.

Hopefully you will receive this message.

I just bought a Novation 61 SL Mk II, as well.

Could you, please, enlighten me as to how you were able to configure it to send the necessary Program Change, or CC, messages to Gig Performer that would allow it select specific tracks in your set list?

I have the Novation communicating, via Global Midi Options, and I can use it to sequentially move backward and forward in the set list, but… sometimes I want to skip a tune, or two, and would like to just press a button send a PC/CC to GP that would take me directly to the corresponding track in my set list.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!