FCB1010 - going wire free

So I’ve done the mod to convert the FCB to 12v DC, there’s plenty of examples
I’ve also used a Dewalt Adaptor so I can run it off my Dewalt 14 and 18v batteries.
To go wireless I’ve used a WIDI MASTER from CME.
I wanted to Display the state of the foot switches so I realized the Widi Master has a separate midi connector for receiving midi signals which is normally for programming. I’ve disconnected this from the FCB and connected it to the cheapest midi to USB adaptor from Amazon and plugged it into an old Samsung android phone I had about.
Using Midi instead of OSC on the touch osc app allows me to build a screen that mimics the controls from GP
I have a UNO2 chip on order which it says can send a midi signal for bank changes which I hope will allow me to change touch osc screens as the FCB changes banks which may allow me hundreds of banks, I will probably get a cheap tablet to make the screen a bit bigger but as its talking BLE to midi I can get any type without worry about ble or wifi.
The BLE is very responsive, I’ve not noticed any lag on the volume and wah pedals back to GP.
hope this might inspire someone else to mod for GP


This is pretty cool! I think the FCB1010 is very underrated.

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Tiny Box has a hardware equivalent to the UNO2 firmware which - on top of the UNO2 feature set - adds wireless functionality to the FCB1010 and has an embedded setup editor and web server. More information: FCB1010 add-on shop Not sure when it will ship, they say soon though. Their forum and support group is fabulous - almost as good as GP😀 The link for the WinO2 manual is here for a full description on the mod, setup and use: https://www.fcb1010.eu/downloads/Wino2_Usermanual.pdf

I’ve been using the Tiny Box (with Jack Box) mod for a few years now and use the FCB1010, both hardware on the floor and virtually, and keep finding new uses for it. Your mod looks great!


I thought I’d do an update now it’s complete for those interested.
firmware:- I Upgraded to an Uno 2 chip, the main reason for this was that it allows you to process power on / init; change of bank and you can process switches as presets as events IE toggling effects, Triggers which hold on release off for transient Effects, and also it allows you to have a tip and heel switch on the pedals to turn them on / off. also the led on the switches reflect what is on off ( I used the two select output LEDS to show tip switches on the pedals).
Note the Uno2 program is not supported on Mac but if you have Parallels Windows desktop it works great using USB midi pass-through
Sadly being part of the UK leper colony as this island is now I had to get a friend in Spain to order the Eprom for me as they no longer ship to the UK ( brexit bonus).
The CME Bluetooth Widi works flawlessly, which I’ve connected to the Midi in to the FCB1010 and the midi out to a midi adaptor connected to a cheap Samsung tablet I got secondhand, the reason for this was to allow pure midi to the rig as opposed to having wifi and OSC to the tablet, OSC works great on midi CC messages.
The power is either my Dewalt adaptor or an Anker power brick, I’ve used a USB to 12v adaptor to power the FCB, and the tablet has a split cable to allow power and a MIDI adapter.
As you can probably see, the base was a baking tray cut and screwed through the base plate to the FCB. the tablet holder was a cheap one from Amazon, I unscrewed the base plate and fixed it to the baking tray.
I created a separate instance in GP for guitar and synced the two using OSC. I tried for a long time to get Guitar rig to work with this setup, but problems with Grig instances, losing midi, global macros are overwritten by presets, etc caused me to abandon it.
I then tried BiasFX2, which was promising then logged itself out and could not get logged back in on-site in a venue, dead in the water.
I eventually tried Amplitude 5 and wished I’d got this first, it’s got huge options for amps and effects, you can program the MIDI easily, and up to now it’s rock steady.
I’ve programmed several banks with my favorite amps and called them blues rock 60’s country and looper for the Msuperlooper control.
I hope this helps any budding moder.
tested and working on GP5 although the midi foot pedals are a little bit more laggy than 4 out to the OSC display