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  • simulating the KORG DW-6000 and DW-8000 synthesizers from the 1980s



It sounds great. Did you test it?

…just listening to a demo video of the original synth… i guess this plugin will have to compliment my collection. YAP! (yet another plugin) :grimacing: :sunglasses:


Yep ! Yep! sounds great :wink:
I remember back in the days playing with one DW600, my first synth analog was a Roland SH-3A and digital was indeed to “take over” the scene - got a DX7 (still have it !) and went on to a D-50 (actually the only synth I ever sold)

Thanks for the Info - this means I have to leave the office soon :innocent:


Fortunately I’m in home office today. :wink:

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4h later I’m leaving this time capsule for the first time :sunglasses:

The DW-6000 / DW-8000 were the synth between the Poly 61 (my first ever KORG without MIDI…) and the M1. I didn’t own one of these DW’s. But I remember going once a week to a local radio shop and play for 1h or more if they did not kick me out :heart_eyes: - these were the 80ies…

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