Favorite Global Rackspace Plug-ins

Anyone have favorite global rack plugins they use for final processing? Like a master channel strip idea? (Compressor, Limiter, EQ, etc etc)

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I am using Waves EMO-D5 Compressor/Limiter and Softube Overstayer (Saturation/Compression)

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Currently i have Melda’s MEQ and the IVGI compressor from Klanghelm at the end of the global chain… just in case i had to make some quick adjustments, but i don’t have to use them ATM.

I like the Tokyo Dynamics TDR Limiter GE very much as a final plug-in.


I’m using Fuse Audio Labs VCS-1 channel strip.
It’s providing all I need for mastering, is not too expensive, sometimes on sale and has no latency.

I use T-RackS Opto-Compressor at the end of my Hammond Organ chain and a pair of kHs Limiter plugins at the end of each of my monitor and FOH signal chain or final limiting which are super lightweight and do the job nicely.