Fastest way to change midi interface

I have a new audio/midi interface!

What is the fastest way (in Rig Manager i assume) to swap my MIDI control aliases from one interface to another? Do I have to go one by one?

Before you start - make sure you create a new rig so you can switch between the two in case you return to the old one.

Then - the fastest way is to simply keep double clicking on your control alias, then moving your physical knob/slider etc… You have to do this for each of your defined controls, but only once. All your rackspaces and controls will just work afterwards.

You will be able to switch between your MIDI devices in the rig manager after that in a few seconds.

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How do you do this in regards to the MidiIn blocks? For instance… I have a bunch of splits built, multiple instances of the same controller but now going through a different midi in.

Remapping the widgets works fine, but I can’t trigger my keyboard sounds without seemingly having to replace my midi in blocks.

With the Rig Manager you have not to change your Midi In Blocks!
That is the big advantage.

Actually @djogon, in my case all I needed to do was to associate my existing controller to my new interface… but what you advised would be what you would do if you changed your controller.