Fast switching to song part


I started using the setlist editor and I just don’t get the supposed workflow yet.
Obviously I want to use my laptop as least as possible while playing a song (switching a part while playing can easily cause a mess) so I thought I might map them to program change messages.
What I expected was that I could then switch to Songpart 1-4 using PC 1-4 depending on the active song. What actually happens is that I can assign one song part to one PC message GLOBALLY, so my first song can use 1-4, second song 5-8 etc.
I understand that I could use a bank per song to make them distinctable but in that case, I still would need to reconfigure the whole setlist when two songs are swapped in position or one is inserted at some place.

What is the supposed workflow to remotly switch song parts?

With the ability of setlists to organize your songs in the proper sequence, you can just send a CC code to move up and down through song parts and lists- or depending on the midi preferences, only move between song parts within a song. Use gig performer preferences to learn the cc code you want.

Yes - this is the actual behaviour. You’d assign the proper MIDI message (PC or other) in the Options->Setlist/Song Settings and pressing those values in any song will always go to the same part.


Okay nice, this appears exactly like what I’m looking for! Sadly, it doesnt work for Program Changes because apparently by default, Program Changes are set to the songs in the set. So, when I send PC1, it’s jumping to the first song instead of Song Part 1 of the active song. I don’t find any option to disable this behavior :S
Any workaround for this?

Also, do I understand correctly that this option is application-wide, not per-gig?

Yes - it is application-wide as all other settings in the Options dialog.

Song get default numbers or rather first song part of each song gets an automatic number assigned. If you want to reserve numbers 1-4 for example - I’d reset those numbers so they start from a number beyond 4.

Click on Edit->Reset Program Change Assignments->Reset program change numbers (first part only)

Type in a number greater than 4.

Try to use your program change messages 1-4 for song part changes now.

Note that you also have the ability to define next/previous song and song part.

You may also chose to change the MIDSI messages associated with your buttons.

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Ahhh those reset options was what I didn’t find. Awesome, does exactly what I want it to now :slight_smile: Thanks very much!

Another approach is to use a surface (or MIDI pedal controller that has multiple button) and set them up with unique CC numbers which would be used to select song parts. Then you would leave program change events to just switch songs.


as of Gig Performer 4, a problem arises here: Apparently, I can’t longer assign program change messages to the Song Part 1-24. Is that correct? Is there any solution?

I started my GP build up of songs with V2. When V3 came out offering Set Lists, I had too many songs already created. So I was never able to use set list mode. Instead, I have a seperate gig file for each song. This works well for me. The collections of 19 gig files are named “Guitar 1”, “Guitar 2” etc. So using these guitar sets rather than GP’s built in set list mode, gives me an hours playing time per 19 songs. In addition to using program numbers, I also use Bask LSB set to the set number e.g. “Guitar 1” uses LSB 1, “Guitar 2” uses LSB 2 etc. That helps me identify which set the gigfile is in.