Faking Guitar Feedback

I would like to ask how to fake Guitar Feedback with Pedals or VSTs. I want to recreate in my home studio the feedback intro from flying in a Blue Dream. I got a Freqout Out Pedal, but that is not enough, because you need one very long like 40 seconds octave overtone of c and at the same time you need to blend in two more harmonics of C. I dont want to prerecord those feedback tones. I rather want to be able to do this live.

Try this

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I use this and it’s good at what it does. Not sure if it will work for you.

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I have the acoufiend and the softube vst, but I never got convincing results with them. Maybe I did something wrong. How do you use them in Gig Performer? Before or after an amp sim? What Kind of distortion?

I also use the AcouFiend and it works pretty well for my needs. Took a little tweaking to set it up for my playing srtyle and desired result. Not as good as “real” feedback, but not bad for in-the-box. And predictable, which is both good and bad.

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Do you guys find that acoufiend sometimes just doesn’t sustain and the note dies quickly for some odd reason? At other times it sustains nicely. Haven’t been able make it consistent.

Haven’t been able make it consistent. That is exactly what I also have experienced with all my faking feedback efforts including acoufiend. Somebody once said something like MIDI can be so simple and so frustrating at the same time. Now you can exchange MIDI with Faking Guitar Feedback. I have fooled around with Acoufiend, Rift, Softubes Feedback Plugin etc. etc. and I had the same experience it just wasn’t that consistent. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not so much. I have tried all these things with a real guitar as an input, with synth vsts etc. etc. I can be really pragmatic. For example Zappas Guitar Tones tend to be mystified endlessly. I wouldn’t say so. You only need a cocked wah. Once I had an aha Moment with the Quad Cortex. I dialed in the Bad Horsie Wah at about 71 Percent. And there was it that Zappa Tone. OK. Let’s come back to the topic. On the one hand when it cames to faking guitar feedback with or without a real guitar you have a lot of options, but none of them has worked for my 100 percent until now. Sometimes I dream of a simple synth preset which might be hidden in for example a Korg Triton VST or something like that which just gives you a cheesy feedback effect out of the box which then can maybe improved to be something really nice without spending hours of tweaking…

After a lot of experimenting with things like the Freqout Pedal today I finally got an Ebow and I like it a lot. Ironically I realized now more than ever that the effect I always wanted to recreate is not so much a Feedback Effect with harmonics or maybe just in a very subtle way, but in the first place just the normal attackless Ebow Sound. (I have spend a lot of time trying all the settings of the Freqout and I never found the perfect setting for me.) So what Pedal or VST could you Gig Performer Users recommend that emulates best the Ebow Effect which consists in a Violine like attack and a lot of sustain and a long decay. In other words would an Auto Swell Pedal be a good choice? I have tried for example recently the Infinity Loop Sustainer, but it has a kind of tremolo effect when it loops which I don’t like.

If the Ebow provides what you want, why do you want a VST?

Because the Ebow is hard to handle if you want to do more string changes and it always can only effect ONE string. It also needs time to change from the Ebow to the pick. In some cases the reduction on single notes might be okay, but if you think for example of Zappas Zoot Allures you need the effect on complete chords. So a VST or a Pedal would be quite useful.