Extensions issues

Hey Folks,

been using the Chords/lyrics extensions. It’s great, everything I wish the chord lyrics view in GP was, touch responsive, easy to navigate in a live situation etc. I play solo a lot and often get requests, so being able to skip around quickly in set lists is very useful and very fiddly in the default version.

Anyway, only snag I’ve found with the extension is that it crashes gig performer every time you try and create a new setlist. So, I hit shift on start up and temporarily disabled exttensions, and sure enough, problem solved, created a new setlist. Now my understanding is that those settings should revert on the next startup, and I have shift started again and actively instructed GP to load extensions, but they now seem to be permanently off. Can’t get it to fire them up again.

The extension files are still there in the relevant folder. Just can’t get GP to see them/load them. What am I doing wrong?

Windows or macOS?

Go into the GP Options and the Extensions page. They are likely unselected.

I will try and recreate the issue in order to fix it.

Hmm, I can’t recreate a crash on either MacOS or Windows 10. What OS do you use? Any crash reports? Are you able to get the crash on a new/blank gig file with a few dummy songs?

@manhippo I’ve released an update that should resolve the crashing issue.